Divya Rao

Divya Rao
I am working as a Partner Success Manager in the domain of Intelligent Enterprise Automation to help organizations derive maximum value from their investments in enterprise products (ERP, CRM etc.). I work with client organizations to craft their automation journey, bolster it by the implementation of Intellibot's powerful AI based RPA solutions, which in turn helps in delivering unprecedented business value and customer satisfaction. I additionally hold the responsibility of managing Analyst Relations to position intellibot's RPA in leading analysts reports such as Forrester and HFS Research. In my past roles at various organizations I've held responsibilities of managing C-Level connects in domain of customer centricity, and customer engagement.
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Intellibot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with end-to-end products and service offering designed for the modern business. With its proprietary AI-enabled Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, which incorporates a host of next generation features such as machine learning,natural language processing, name entity extraction and computer vision, Intellibot simplifies the lifecycle of RPA deployment through a reliable, easy-to-use and extensible platform architecture. Intellibot enables organisations to create their own software robots, that are easily trainable, secure, flexible and reliable and can work on an enterprises’ day to day business processes, thus, becoming the digital workforce of the organization.