14 Jun

Cognitive Modelling Platform – The Most Updated Solution in Automation

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After the initial phase where RPA driven process bots, sparked a new era of high productivity in the blue-collar jobs, enterprises have already begun to look forward and beyond RPA . The quest to find an improved alternative can be well ascertained to the fact that there have been instances across business verticals where bots need attention on a regular basis, making them a liability rather than be considered as assets.

Moreover, to add to the woes of these enterprises, handling unstructured data has been a long-lost problem, whilst sensitivity and complexity of data prevails to be an enterprise concern. Can these woes undermine the significance of RPA already? The answer is No! With the introduction of Cognitive Automation, a futuristic step ahead to RPA. 

Thus, can we find the perfect answer to Unstructured Data problems while making process bots learn to perform complex tasks?  Yes, absolutely! Intellibot’s comprehensive and intelligent cognitive automation platform ‘CMP’ is the enterprise’s answer to solve the mysteries of unstructured data. 

You might ask, what’s Cognitive Automation? Simply put - Cognitive Automation can help bots adapt the rules of human understanding and decision making, to perform data and workflow processes intelligently without the need of human intervention.

CMP – The Platform to Create AI Models

Cognitive Modelling Platform by Intellibot is an automation platform that leverages diverse AI based technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), machine learning, natural language processing, image recognition, chat-bots and speech to text capabilities. Using the CMP, enterprises can easily train bots to comprehend unstructured data, understand diverse patterns and make judgments like humans. Obviously, the rule-based tasks will also go smooth as they would not require any human interaction.

Basically CMP augments human judgement capabilities very quickly with flawless quality and scalability. In addition to all this, what makes this tool very powerful is its low-cost implementation potential, complimented by its hassle-free deployment options.

Intellibot studio’s prebuilt CMP solution allows enterprises to quickly achieve the benefits of cognitive automation. While offering the intuitive knobs and keys needed to bespoke work flow automation with strong capabilities in Data connection, Data ingestion, Intelligence and Data Structuring.

So, the question is, where can this Platform be installed to Outperform?

Finance - Account receivables, Account payable, Reconciliations, re-KYC processes

Procurement - Invoicing Parsing, Insurance Parsing, Supplier Data Management

HR - Resume Parsing, Employee on-boarding and Payroll Management

IT Ops - IT service management, User management, Monitoring, Routing,

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What goes on inside CMP -   The Inside Dynamics!   

Intellibot’s CMP uses various applications and intelligent processes to analyse and segregate unstructured data. This method can simply be defined by 3 simple process knobs.

Pre-Processor > Core Engine > Post-Processor

  • Pre-Processor enhances and organizes documents to ensure optimum clarity for modelling and processing.
  • The Core Engine assembles and then extracts data as per specific classifications.
  • Ultimately, the Post-Processor guarantees that output data is validated and converted into desired file types like .DOC, JSON, XML, CSV etc.

To conclude, Intellibot’s CMP comes with the ability to assimilate thousands of documents, understanding the requirements, and advising process actions based on its deep learning abilities, a win-win for enterprises.

To know how can Intellibot’s CMP add value to your business, reach out to us now!


About Us

Intellibot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with end-to-end products and service offering designed for the modern business. With its proprietary AI-enabled Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, which incorporates a host of next generation features such as machine learning,natural language processing, name entity extraction and computer vision, Intellibot simplifies the lifecycle of RPA deployment through a reliable, easy-to-use and extensible platform architecture. Intellibot enables organisations to create their own software robots, that are easily trainable, secure, flexible and reliable and can work on an enterprises’ day to day business processes, thus, becoming the digital workforce of the organization.