02 May

How COE’s Help Businesses Successfully Implement RPA

By the Year 2019, it’s quite clear that well organised businesses have adapted themselves to work with a well-defined Centre of Excellence for all their RPA operations. This in turn noticeably decreases their overall financial churn and burn as they don’t just deploy ‘project by project’ but rather, take a holistic approach for their enterprise. Thus, providing a well-defined Automation set-up that works cohesively with human counterparts towards achieving the optimum ROI.

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With successful deployment of CoE’s (Centre of Excellence), all enterprise stakeholders and process leaders can rely on a single, easy-to-use automation platform to automate processes, track & assess performance & distribute workload to robots effectively. These COE’s flexibly allocate apt tasks to Process Robots, standardising almost the entire enterprise’s processes and workflows, leaving only high level judgement calls for people to handle. Hence the process of establishing a COE, starts after analysing the organizational needs based on multiple stakeholders. It is expected of a COE to deliver accurate and reliable supervision integrated with an intuitive attention towards multiple process executions.

In a nutshell here’s a list of few Gains of Developing an Automation COE!
  • Integrates Employees with Processes efficiently
  • Redistributes Knowledge & Resources accurately
  • Ensures Optimal Data Security and Compliance
  • Structured Work Allotment ensures productivity

RPA Center of excellence

So, one might wonder how does a COE actually benefit business directly to increase their ROI while maintaining steady operations. To be precise there are few key features by which any organization can smoothly integrate Robotic Process Automation into their setup to maximize efficiency.

  1. Creating & Implementing Best Practices – After analysing even the minutest details with reference to the scope of RPA for organizations operations (usually accompanied by RPA consultations), business can develop best practices and methodologies.
  2. Merging Efforts with Resources – COE’s create a single point of contact for every RPA software solution. This way organization spend the least effort in training their employees and then executing profitable practices to tackle multiple problems.
  3. Evolution to Automation Governance – It’s a known fact that pre-defined processes running varied functions would need to change and be reconfigured with regards to Automation. The centralization of this integration processes makes businesses adapt faster to RPA.
  4. Prioritizes Costs & Increasing ROI – Investment in terms of capital and time needs to be prioritized so that RPA integration becomes most advantageous for any business venture. By centralizing, use of resources can be planned optimally and thus the utilization is maximized.
  5. Unifying Technology with Vendor Management – Centralizing the RPA unit for any organization,
    gives it a leverage on multiple vendor negotiations through coordinated purchasing decisions.
    This way businesses can access better rates from vendors and optimize their resources.

To conclude, the establishment of a CoE’s requires an initial investment of time and capital. Yet, these efforts are bound to bring about many noteworthy benefits described above. And if these key features are important to your business & its automation efforts, then you should certainly plan to develop an RPA Centre of Excellence. For such centralization of your RPA processes, Intellibot renders the right consultation for varied business models. This consultation will allow you to choose various functions including choosing your own software bots that best suit your enterprise needs.

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Intellibot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with end-to-end products and service offering designed for the modern business. With its proprietary AI-enabled Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, which incorporates a host of next generation features such as machine learning,natural language processing, name entity extraction and computer vision, Intellibot simplifies the lifecycle of RPA deployment through a reliable, easy-to-use and extensible platform architecture. Intellibot enables organisations to create their own software robots, that are easily trainable, secure, flexible and reliable and can work on an enterprises’ day to day business processes, thus, becoming the digital workforce of the organization.